Toyota ipod input interface
Factory iPod integration  Connect your iPod to your Toyota Lexus  factory entertainment system and let’s you hear what your iPod should sound like in your car, CD-quality sound and full iPod iPhone controls from your lexus  radio, steering wheel or the iPod.. Always keeps your iPod charged and ready to go. Lexus and Toyota radios supporting CD-text will also display text from your iPod allowing you to view song title and artist name right on your radio's display from iPod
Factory iPod integration brings complete integration of the Apple iPod iPhone into the Lexus entertainment system. The operation is simple: the adaptor translates CD changer messages or satellite messages to iPod controls and switches the iPod automatically on and off as you select/deselect the CD changer source. The iPod is controlled from the head unit‘s CD changer keys and steering wheel controls where available. Of course, the iPod is charged while connected. 12v and usb 5v  Finally forget outdated FM transmitters cassette adaptors and trailing cigarette lighter cables. also features ID3 song title display on selected applications including Lexus , Toyota. Selected Bmw and Honda applications enable complete browsing of the iPod through the vehicle‘s radio, On Board Computer or Navigation screen in conjunction with steering wheel controls. Combine this with the supplied dock cable or optional cradle for a perfect integration. All applications support  iPod play list access and other advanced features and original iPod user interface mode. Dice cradle features video output for great integration with rear seat entertainment systems. If using an iPhone you can also stream music from internet services like Pandora Livio radio online Sirius XM

Product Features:                                       
This kit plays high quality music from your iPod through your Lexus existing entertainment system. Imagine having access to over 10,000 MP3s at the touch of a button! starts and stops the iPod as you enter/exit CD changer or SAT mode on your car's entertainment system. Fast Forward, Rewind, Search, Seek and other commands are passed to the iPod - this works really great for cars with steering wheel entertainment controls. Access unlimited number of play lists enjoy direct access to the first five using disc numbers 1 to 5. works in most toyota lexus radios from 1998 to 2011

Controls from radio, steering wheel and iPod.
CD-quality audio (depends on MP3 bitrate)
Browse music by song, play list, album and chapter
Features an AUX input to allow connection of aftermarket satellite radio, non Apple MP3 players
or any audio source
Keeps iPod charged
Comes standard with a “docking cable”
Optional cradle with video out available
HD radio
XM radio    
Selecting between audio from your iPod or AUX input is done with the press of a button on your radio.
You can also listen to free HD radio from your Lexus Toyota Bmw factory system or XM radio
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