I never work on this engine before besides brakes and tune ups
but yesterday i decide to do the job my self the labor fee in my town for this repair
was from $800.00 to $1,500

water pump and timing belt was only $70.00 I didn’t replace anything else because
there was no need , the TIMING BELT TENSIONER was good

the manuals online tell you to disconnect a lot of part that I didn’t move
there was no need to remove the grill, radiator support, muffler cat or ac lines
no need to empty the ac Freon

they also tell you to remove the can gears if you want to replace the water pump
I didn’t just bend the plastic up and hold it there ,is plastic and will go bad, it didn’t get damage

this job took me 2 hours in the morning and 2 hours in the afternoon 

 People always damage the plug in the computer , a litle dificult to unplug so just remove 4 10mm bolts and let the computer free

Pull the power steering pump up, and and let it free,don't unplug anything

Lower the engine and the bracket  will be free

This metal bracket next to the engine needs to come out 3 15mm bolts and 3 more behind the power stering pump
comes out from the top

part of the engine mount  hold by 4 12mm screw  there is no reason to remove this, ( i didn't know that )
there is a single t55 screw by the fender that needs to be remove

The cranckshat pulley needs to be remove and you need this tool

you only use this 3 parts, use the large rod

For some reason it was a little to short so i have to use a drill bit to make it work

pulley is a drill bid help a lot

my engine is in the air with a small jack and a piece of wood

3 small screws and the cover comes out

you have to make sure crankshaft and camshaft timming  tdc marks are correct before you remove the timing belt
read the service manual pages 225 to 232

moving the timing belt tensioner pulley  was dificult i spend 10 minutes and it didn't move so i just use a metal bar and it was close in 4 seconds yes little damage to the belt but it is the OLD one

it close

this is very important you have to put the belt with the pulleys in this position  ( doing this like the manual shows don't work )
yes the exhaust is down almost 1 tooth, but it is only half the camera angle make it look that way

I am missing a lot of pictures but i will come back later and edit this page